edp renovaveis sa eur5 One of the questions I’ve been asked most since I published The Winter Siege is whether I attach critical importance to historical accuracy when writing, or whether I am simply looking to write crime novels set during a particular point in history, where history provides an atmospheric backdrop to the novel but not the framework.

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http://www.arcsno.org/cipro-25-marzo-2013/ cipro 25 marzo 2013 An interesting question, and one to which there is no straight answer, because the first response always has to be; “It depends what you mean by history.”

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viagra valor Think about it. History is made up of written accounts of events, often recorded by people who are biased and selective in what they report or who have a political agenda of their own. The more obscure the event, the lower the number of contemporary accounts available to the historian to judge what really happened.

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cialis costo originale What I wanted to do with The Winter Siege was to create a “what-if” scenario by weaving a fictional murder mystery plot into a detailed historical framework based on contemporary accounts and challenge the reader to decide what is history and what is fiction.

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voltaren water retention Not that I’m the first person to try this. One of the very first historical fiction novels written in English was Memoirs of a Cavalier by Daniel Defoe, best known, of course, for Robinson Crusoe. Defoe wrote his book as though it were a true life memoir, dealing in depth with some of the key events of the English Civil War, albeit with a relatively loose grasp on what really happened. Interestingly, even after Defoe was identified as the author, the book was still held as a true eye-witness account of events and is often quoted as such today.

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viagra in holland kaufen Now you may say; “Yes, but Defoe was a novelist. He deliberately set out to create a fictional account.” Sure, but how different is this from the differing accounts of the numbers killed in a given event, exaggerated or reduced depending on allegiance and according to political expediency. Is it really true that only three townsfolk died during the Jan 18th assault on Nantwich compared with nearly five hundred royalists, as reported in the (parliamentarian) eye-witness accounts? Everyone has a different reason for skewing the truth. It’s up to you to decide how much you believe.

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