cialis california I’ve always been fascinated by the nature of history. How can you possibly know for sure what really happened during a particular historical event when history consists of a collection of contemporary reports written largely by people who have agendas of their own? levitra how long before

prices soft tab cialis I grew up being told, for example, that Richard III was a scheming and villainous crookback and yet recent debate puts much of Richard’s bad press down to the Tudor propaganda machine. omeprazole best price

viagra out of system Similarly, it is reported that when John, Lord Byron, commander of the Royalist forces in Cheshire, heard about the murder of twelve men in a church in the small village of Barthomley on December 23rd, 1643, by some of his soldiers, he wrote a letter to the Marquis of Newcastle saying; “we… put them all to the sword, which I find to be the best way to proceed with these kind of people, for mercy to them is cruelty.”

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does viagra affect sperm It is a letter, which earned Byron the nickname of the “bloody braggadoccio.” However, a senior royalist member of the Sealed Knot, who I know well, insists that there is no proof that Byron ever wrote this letter and, indeed, was more likely the victim of a set-up. So who do you believe?

generic viagrageneric viagra xanax .25 mg side effects My aim with The Winter Siege, set in the Cheshire salt town of Nantwich during the bitter winter of 1643-44, was to create a very detailed historical framework based on contemporary documents – so many of the events described in the novel did actually happen. Many of the characters in the novel were also real people – not just the recognisable historical figures like Fairfax, Byron and Booth, but many of the minor townsfolk too. For example, Alexander Clowes, the best friend of my main character, Daniel Cheswis, really was the name of the bellman in Nantwich at that time. My idea was to create a “what-if” scenario, weaving a fictional murder mystery plot around the historical facts of the siege and the battle.

buy buying sale viagra cialis over the counter australia The question the reader will want to know is how much of the story is real and how much should be taken with a large dose of Nantwich salt. As is often the case with history, it is for you, the reader to decide. Reality can be what you want it to be. super strong viagra